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November 21, 2018 (Last Updated: April 15, 2020)
by Carolyn

Would your audience benefit from learning more about a hassle-free driving holiday in Europe?  Why not promote my eBook The Stress-Free Guide to Driving in Europe to them?  They will learn tips and tricks to help them plan a fabulous European driving holiday and you’ll earn some money from any sales made via your affiliate link.

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Product summary

  • The Stress-Free Guide to Driving in Europe is an 84 page eBook that sells for AUD19.95.
  • Approved affiliates earn 50% commission on all sales made via their link.
  • Affiliate commissions earned in the previous month are paid on or before the 7th of the following month.

Full details about The Stress-Free Guide to Driving in Europe can be found here.

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