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The Stress-Free Guide to Driving in Europe eBook

April 5, 2016 (Last Updated: August 25, 2020)
A guide to driving in Europe

Essential tips to help you master the highways and by-ways of Europe

Would you love the freedom to get off the beaten track in Europe and plan your own self-drive itinerary?

Are you feeling apprehensive and worry that it will be too stressful for you and your travelling companions?

Are the following concerns holding you back?

  • You’re worried about driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road
  • The gear stick and indicators on the opposite side to what you’re used to
  • Are you concerned about not being able to read or understand road signs?
  • Perhaps you’re worried about parking and narrow streets

After reading The Stress-Free Guide to Driving in Europe you’ll feel more confident to start planning your own European self-drive holiday.

Why rent or lease a car for your holiday in Europe?

Driving in Europe has provided my family with so many great experiences. We love to get off the regular tourist trail and explore quiet rural villages that you can’t reach by public transport.

With our own car we’re not restricted to set timetables – if we like a place, we can stay longer! A self-drive holiday in Europe gives us the freedom to explore Europe at our own pace – and you can enjoy this freedom, too.

My eBook The Stress-Free Guide to Driving in Europe is designed to give you the confidence to plan your own self-drive holiday in Europe. In the 80+ page book I share all the tips and tricks that I use when planning my own driving holidays in Europe.  (4th Edition published January 2020.)

Here’s what’s included in the eBook:

Chapter 1 / Planning your self-drive itinerary

Before you hit the internet or visit your travel agent and book your hire car you’ll need to consider a few things. I guide you through the points that you’ll need to think about such as how to determine what size car is right for you and how to choose your collection and return locations.

Chapter 2 / Getting the best hire car deal

In this chapter I share my tips for getting the best value for your hard-earned holiday dollar.

Chapter 3 / What extra vehicle-related costs you need to budget for

Do you know what a Vignette is or understand Car Hire Excess liabilities? I explain these and more in detail.

Chapter 4 / Road rules and licence requirements

This chapter covers road rules, speed limits, International Driving Permits and much more to make your driving experience plain sailing!

Chapter 5 / General driving tips

You’ll find plenty of tips in this chapter including info about parking, tunnels and tolls, border crossings and more.

Chapter 6 / Tips for driving in Europe in winter

Winter is a great time to visit Europe with snowy, fairytale scenery and cooler temperatures. With the right preparation, a winter driving holiday in Europe can be a very rewarding experience.

Chapter 7 / A guide to the self-drive leasing program in Europe

Have you considered leasing a vehicle instead of renting one?  In this chapter I share the pros and cons of this excellent option that is open to non-EU residents.

Chapter 8 / The tools I use 

My ‘go-to’ websites and tips for planning my own European driving vacations are included in this chapter.

Chapter 9 / Suggested self-drive itineraries

I’ve included eight self-drive itineraries that I’ve used myself or planned for clients when I worked as a European travel consultant. These driving routes cover a wide range of European countries and include winter driving itineraries.

Chapter 10 / Travel planning tools

This chapter includes some handy planning tools that you can easily print off and use for your own travel plans.

What do I know about driving in Europe?

My husband and I have holidayed in Europe over a dozen times, and each time a car has been our major form of transport.

We love the flexibility that having our own vehicle provides and have utilised both rental cars and lease vehicles.

We’ve made the odd mistake along the way (all small, thankfully!), and the lessons learned from those mistakes are among the things that I share with you in this book.

I also worked as a travel consultant specialising in European travel for a number of years, helping clients to plan and book their European travels. During this time I learnt many tips on getting the best deals on car rental and discovered some great tools to plan a ‘do-able’ driving itinerary.

What’s included?

  • 10 chapters and over 80 pages of tried and tested methods for planning a stress-free European driving holiday
  • 8 road trip itineraries that cover numerous European countries
  • Printable travel planning tools ready for you to print out and use for your holiday


(A link to download “The Stress-Free Guide to Driving in Europe (4th Edition)” will be emailed to you upon completion of your order.)